Bend Restrictors

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

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Bend Restrictors (BR) are designed to prevent over-bending of flexible pipes/umbilicals/cables at the interface with rigid structures.
Our Bend Restrictors are made of fully qualified and field proven rigid Polyurethane (PU) System (Bardeep UR 1500 Med), dedicated for extreme subsea loading applications. Our technical PU system allows significant weigh in water and air reductions on the BR systems.
Composed of interlocking elements, each made of half shells bolted together with high grade stainless steel fasteners, our Bend Restrictor provides protection from over-bending when the Minimum Bending Radius (MBR) is achieved. Connections to the rigid structure can be done through machined steel reaction collars or casted and machined PU end fittings.
Our Bend Restrictors are designed through FEA, and thermal analysis can also be performed in case of high operation temperature. In case of high external flexible temperature, an internal thermal protection shield can be added on the Bend Restrictors.
A fully destructive test, witnessed by a third party has been performed to validate & qualify our design methodology with all major Flexible Pipes/Umbilical/Cable manufacturers. Our Bend Restrictors are systematically fully scale tested (Fit-Up & Loading test) prior to delivery on site. Bend Restrictors loading test are available at all our manufacturing locations around the world.
Our Bend Restrictors are designed with our own developed calculation software, fully compliant with the last API 17 L1 and L2 revision (March 2013), and with the following information:
  • Flexible pipe / Umbilical/Cable OD & Tolerances - Flexible pipe / Umbilical / Cable technical datasheets
  • Minimum Bending Radius (MBR) under load- Shear Force (Installation & Operation)
  • Bending Moment (Installation & Operation)
  • Flexible Pipe operation temperatures & Thermal conductivity
  • Air & sea-water temperatures
  • Required coverage (Angle and / or Length)
  • Service Life
  • Interface / Support structure detail

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