Pipelay Support - Laydown Shrouds

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

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Shrouds are used to smoothly raise a pipe when laying through the stinger rollers in order to prevent damage of an in-line structure.

To achieve a regular ramp, two kinds of shrouds are successively installed on each side of the structure: tapered and straight shrouds.
Our Shrouds are a field proven solution to install heavy in-line structures. Thanks to their high mechanical properties, our Shrouds are able to sustain great stresses from the roller boxes and limit the loads applied to the line, especially on the stress joints.
Each shroud envelops the pipe and gradually fills the geometrical gap between the in-line structure OD and the pipe OD to ensure a smooth laying.
The Shrouds are made of fully qualified Bardeep PUR 80, a 95 ShoreA Polyurethane system. This polyurethane is exhibiting high compression properties, and able to undertake the significant stresses of pipe laying.
Every shroud is shaped with a groove at each end (respectively male and female) to allow a rigid connection between neighbouring shrouds, and the clamping of the shroud onto the pipe is ensured by high capacity Kevlar straps, tightened with corrosion resistant alloy fasteners.

BARDOT’s specialized manufacturing sites for shrouds are located in Italy and Houston, and are experts with the manufacturing of such critical equipments. Extensive full scale tests are performed in our facilities, to simulate the stress exerted by the stinger’s rollers both in dynamic and static cases, to ensure the fitness for purpose of the designed Shrouds

BARDOT Group’s Shrouds are designed to be quick and easy to install. A custom made Installation Procedure is provided for each project to ensure the proper assembly & strapping of our Shrouds. Our engineers are also available for training and on-site monitoring of the installation, with the sole purpose of providing maximum support to our clients. Our Shrouds are designed to be ROV friendly, in case they have to be recovered after installation. Furthermore, the low weight of polyurethane in water makes the handling of shrouds simpler, and their recovery easier.

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