Local Content as a Driver of Competiveness


Content: a LowPex® solution of the future for contractors and companies. Bardot OceanLocal Content: a LowPex® solution of the future for contractors and companies. More than a business model, local content is a founding philosophy for BARDOT Group. Producing locally allows us to ensure availability dates that are even more reliable, in eliminating transport risks and in providing an improvement in local content of your services. BARDOT Group is the first and only manufacturer specialised in underwater equipment for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons which has targeted its investments on research, development, and the commitment to subsea smart solutions - all by establishing and transforming industrial sites of polymer processing all over the world.
BARDOT Group thus internally created a true team of experts in polymer processes capable of disseminating to our network of authorised partners, the pioneering spirit, and the skills developed at the Technical Centre at the headquarters in La Ciotat, France.

Bardot Qualified Manufacturer Sites: A Network of Industrial Sites to Gain Proximity and Guarantee Reliability

These tools are sent to partner industrial sites to be used according to the procedures that are defined, approved, and checked in La Ciotat, France.
To ensure a consistent level of quality worldwide at all BARDOT Group productions, all moulds and critical tools are made in France at one of the group sites: Bischoff-Pelloux SAS. This site has developed its own equipment technologies for many years. BARDOT Group has a network of skilled industrial sites in each of the geographical areas of the world in the oil and gas industry that are specialised in each of the implementation processes: casting, injection mouldings, extrusion, vulcanization, etc.
In short, this is an original and well-established organisation that grants full authority to BARDOT Group, it shares its expertise in group polymer materials, and it has the capacity for powerful effect suited to your needs. You can therefore access the same equipment everywhere in the world that is designed and tested by BARDOT Group's Innovation Centre in La Ciotat, in the best price conditions, all tax- included, at the rate of local content and time frame.

BARDOT Group’s team can mobilise mobile manufacturing units, to any location in the world, to perform production and assembly activities. This unique ability allows BARDOT Group to deliver an incredibly high percentage of local content on international projects, and brings extensive cost reduction in the development of any energy solution project. The engineers and production professionals of the group will provide identical quality and control levels, whether the production and assembly are performed in a factory, or on site, in a remote location.