AIS Bardot, a PIONEERING spirit IN OFFSHORE OIL and gas

A New Generation of PolymeristsThe adventure starts in 1997 in Valence, France.


Guy Bardot CEO BARDOT GROUPThe BARDOT CPS Company specialised in the production of moulded polyurethane strategic components. The company quickly developed an unrivalled expertise and made a name for itself with prestigious industrial clients. Highly skilled in the domain of Technical Polymers, Guy M. Bardot redesigned the business model in 2004.

He then created BARDOT Group on a start-up principle and targeted a market in its early stages:
The construction of large dimension polymer pieces for offshore oil and gas.
 Innovative and technological research to meet demands of energy production in extreme environments.

10 years later, all of the leading oil companies and contractors worldwide have already incorporated BARDOT Group equipment into their projects.


A New Generation of Polymerists A Proximity Strategy with Timely International Deployment


Since 2009, BARDOT Group has created branches to provide clients with proximity, responsiveness, and sensitivity to local market conditions in each of the principal oil and gas hubs worldwide:
 Bardot Inc. in Houston, Texas, USA
 Bardot Asia Pacific in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
 Bardot Ventures in São Paulo, BRAZIL
 BardOil Energy, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, NORTH AMERICA
 Bardot UK in London, UNITED KINGDOM



A New Generation of PolymeristsA new future in 2020


In 2020, Advanced Insulation, already a leading provider of subsea products, strengthened their subsea division with the acquisition of Bardot. Forming a new company, AIS Bardot, bringing a wider range of products to both companies’ customers.