insulation covers


BARDOT Insulation Covers prevent from cooling and solidifying of high temperature oils and ensure a continuous flow during all the field production.


BARDOT Insulation Covers are made of fully qualified and field proven rigid polyurethane system (BARDEEP UR200 MED-HT) for application up to 80°C.

For higher temperatures, BARDOT Group can propose fit for purpose solution with qualified and field proven materials.

Each BARDOT Insulation Covers is composed by half shells, each includes a sealing system, closure arrangements, flooding system and an optional venting system.

Sealing system is made to limit water movements and exchanges, and different kinds of closure systems can be proposed (onshore or offshore mounting, diver or diverless installation).

BARDOT Insulation Covers are designed with thermal analysis to reach the cool down time targeted or match with the overall heat transfer coefficient.

Full scale tests can be performed on request.

insulation covers photo