• BARDOT Crossings have been developed to ensure a safe support of the new line to be laid over an existing line.
  • BARDOT Sleepers are designed to provide a dedicated location for pipeline buckling occurrence.

Pipeline Crossings are usually required to ensure a minimum gap between the existing line and a new one. BARDOT Crossing-Supports, made of HDPE pipes and filled with ballasted elements, safely provides this required gap. BARDOT Crossing-Supports can range up to OD 2500mm and can withstand crossing pipes up to 42’’ OD steel with concrete coating.

BARDOT Sleepers, also made of HDPE pipes, provide a safe and controlled environment for the pipeline buckling occurrence. Buckling can generate extreme damages to pipes if not assessed during design and controlled during operations. BARDOT Sleeper’s friction coefficient ranging from 0,15 to 0,08 with steel and concrete coated pipes ensures that the buckling will appear on the section of the pipe laid on the sleepers.

crossing and sleepers photoBARDOT Crossings and Sleepers are made of thick HDPE pipes, extruded out of high grade HDPE raw material. Length, thickness and OD can be adjusted to fit the specifications. BARDOT team of engineers runs FEA to ensure BARDOT Crossings and Sleepers are designed to withstand the installation loads and the weight of the pipes for its entire lifetime.

Our Crossings and Sleepers are made of non-corrosive materials and therefore do not require any protection nor intervention over their lifetime.

Pipes are usually much easier to store, as they can be stacked together.

Installation of BARDOT Crossings and Sleepers is also faster and cheaper than other standard solutions thanks to their light weight and pipe shape.