laydown shrouds


BARDOT Group's shrouds are mainly used to increase the radius of the in-line structure and pipe when going over the stinger. Shrouds are a solution to limit the stress at the joints between ILS and pipes.

BARDOT Group's shrouds are an innovative field proven solution during the installation of heavy in-line structures at deeper depths in S-Lay.


To achieve a regular ramp, two kinds of shrouds are successively installed on each side of the structure: tapered and straight shrouds. It spreads the reaction loads on all the roller boxes and limits the loads applied to the pipe, especially on the stressed joints.

Each shroud consists of a Polyurethane spacer to envelop the pipe bottom part in order to gradually fill the geometrical gap between the in-line structure and the pipe OD when all different BARDOT Group's shrouds are assembled in series.

The Bardot shroud body part is made of fully qualified compression resistant Bardeep PUR 80, a 95 ShoreA Polyurethane system.

laydown shrouds photoEvery shroud is shaped with a groove at each end (respectively male and female) to allow a rigid connection when they are assembled and two kevlar latching bands drowned in the mould. The latter consists of two kevlar straps hinged together to wrap and tighten the Bardot shrouds against the pipe. The part of the band that is in contact with the pipe is covered with thick plastic coating to prevent any damage or scratch on the FBE pipe coating.

The Bardot shrouds are tested on our firing line test bench to approve the design over static and dynamic condition.