Distributed Buoyancy Modules

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

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Bardot Distributed Buoyancy Modules are designed to maintain a specific line profile and reduce the tension inside the Flexible line, cable or umbilical.

Bardot Distributed Buoyancy Modules are composed of two buoyancy elements (half shells) and an internal clamp which maintains the modules onto the riser. They are designed to provide the required uplift.

BARDOT Group manufacturing site works with an advanced in-line process to guarantee the constant best quality. Recipes are monitored by sensors during all the production.


Buoyancy Element is made of syntactic foam encapsulated in a polyethylene external skin. Syntactic foam properties are optimized to reach the required buoyancy at operating water depth. The external skin provides external impact and marine growth protection. The skin is made from high performance polymer and designed for permanent applications in seawater. The two half shells are fastened to each other by stainless steel or Kevlar straps depending on loads applied and customer requirements.


Bardot Internal Clamp is made of three or four casted polyurethane parts. A rubber pad is placed between the Clamp and the riser in order to prevent from any slippage and to provide a smooth interface contact. The clamping pressure is generated by a strap all around the Clamp part.

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