Piggyback Blocks / Clamps

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

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The Piggyback blocks / clamps allow a secondary line to be secured onto a main pipeline, and maintain a precise clearance between the two lines.

The main function of the Piggyback Blocks is to allow the installation of a secondary line onto a main pipe. To avoid any contact, lashing, or thermal interaction between the piggybacked line and the main pipe, the Piggyback Blocks are designed to maintain a precise clearance between these two lines.
A wide range of strapping solutions ensure that the piggyback block is firmly clamped onto the main pipe, and that no sliding will occur during the installation & service life of the product.
Furthermore the Piggyback Block solution developed by BARDOT Group is designed for over 30 years service life, without requiring any maintenance thanks to the use of field proven materials.
The Piggyback blocks / clamps are composed of:

  • One main block made of high performance polyurethane, or reinforced polypropylene, depending on project requirements.
  • A strapping system designed to fit with project needs, and usually made of alloy or composite material.
  • Fasteners for specific cases, always made of material highly resistant to marine corrosion.
  • Elastomeric pad to increase the clamping capacities, and improve the fitting of the Piggyback Block onto the main pipe.
  • Adaptive spacers to allow a localized clearance modification and accommodate a local pipe diameter change (tie-in flange, coating modification, etc.)

Thanks to various manufacturing sites all over the world, BARDOT Group is able to produce the Piggyback Block solutions close to where it is requested, and helps you to optimize your project logistic and local content.
Our expertise in the composite manufacturing allows us to reach high production capacities and flawless product quality, to deliver timely the best product to our clients.

BARDOT Group’s Piggyback Blocks are designed to be modular and lightweight in order to ease handling and improve installation steps.
A custom-made Installation Procedure is provided for each project to ensure the proper assembly & strapping of our Piggyback blocks.
Our engineers are also available for training and on-site monitoring of the installation, with the sole purpose of providing maximum support to our clients.

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