Bend Stiffeners

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

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Bardot Bend Stiffener is designed to provide additional local stiffness to flexible pipes / umbilicals / cables at the interface with rigid structures.
Bardot Bend Stiffeners are made of fully qualified and field proven rigid Polyurethane (PU) System (UR-80-TEA), dedicated to extreme subsea loading and fatigue applications. Inserts are made of high steel grades, typically TU52b with 16μ zinc coating, fasteners are made of stainless steel such as Inconel 625 or Super-Duplex. All our Bend Stiffeners are designed through FEA, and thermal analysis can be performed in case of high operation temperature.
BARDOT Group’s experienced casting sites have developed complete mastery of the reactive material flow from the casting machines to our special molds. Our mastery in Polyurethane casting allows us to guarantee the perfect health of the final elastomeric product, and consequently the perfect homogeneity of the Stiffeners under all loading and fatigue conditions. Our Bend Stiffeners made of Bardeep UR-80 TEA are totally bubble free and suit both static and dynamic applications.
Bardot static Bend Stiffeners, used either for installation or topside purposes are designed to protect flexible pipes/umbilicals/cables for limited time and uses. It can be manufactured out of a single polymer part or as a split stiffener.
Designed for extreme conditions, our dynamic Bend Stiffeners can withstand fatigue and dynamic loads for its whole life time. Our unique calculation methodology ensures full performance of the dynamic Bend Restrictors up to 30 years of subsea life.

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