subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

BARDOT Crossings have been developed to ensure a safe support of the new line to be laid over an existing line.
They can be used in any crossing area of flexible or rigid lines, in shallow or deep waters, for short-term or long-term use.

Pipeline Crossings are usually required to ensure a minimum gap between the existing line and a new one. BARDOT Crossing Supports, made of HDPE pipes and filled with ballasted elements, safely provide this required gap. BARDOT Crossing Supports can range up to OD 2500mm and can withstand crossing pipes up to 42’’ OD steel with concrete coating.

BARDOT Crossings are made of thick HDPE pipes, extruded out of high grade HDPE raw material. Length, thickness and OD can be adjusted to fit the specifications. BARDOT team of engineers runs FEA to ensure BARDOT Crossings are designed to withstand the installation loads and the weight of the pipes for its entire lifetime. 

Our Crossings are made of non-corrosive materials and therefore do not require any protection nor intervention over their lifetime.

BARDOT Crossing Supports provide extreme reduction of installation time offshore. The limited number of elements to install creates huge time savings during laying operations, compared to the use of concrete mattresses.

  • High abrasion and chemical resistance (PE inert)
  • Light in weight  
  • Customised solution (any diameter or length) 
  • Low cost and fast installation (no need for heavy installation equipment) 
  • Less risk for damages during handling and storage (high fatigue strength and shock resistance) 
  • Low Settlement 
  • Compliance to international offshore standards (API17-L1 and API17-L2) 

Bardot Group: SURF Packages

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