Mechanical protections Cable & Flowline Protection

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

BARDOT Cable & Flowline Protection provides localized shield to flexible pipes/umbilicals/cables against abrasion and impact which could damage the lines.
BARDOT Cable & Flowline Protections are made of a range of fully qualified and field proven rigid Polyurethane Systems, depending the operational conditions (temperature, depth, bending requirements, etc). The interlocking system of the shells allows BARDOT Cable & Flowline Protections to be easily and quickly subsea umbilicals risers & flowlinesinstalled on the lines during offshore laying operations. Tightening of the half shells is ensured by either stainless steel (Inconel 625, Super Duplex), carbon steel, or plastic straps. Typical Ranges:
  • Up to 3m length
  • Typical thickness, 20 to 40mm, adjustable
  • Line OD, from 40mm to 1200mm
The BARDUCT Protection is composed of two marine grade field proven polyurethane BARDEEP® PUR 50 half shells strapped together thanks to a set of 2 to 4 high grade stainless straps and interlocking to other BARDUCT Protection at each extremity.

Bardot Group: SURF Functions

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