subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines


The quality and conformity of a polymer material always results in the choice of:

  • The nature of components based on the formulation,
  • The quality and purity of these components,
  • The respect of the development “recipe”, namely the group of conditions: sequence, temperature, pressure and other factors which lead to the final material, consistent with the material evaluated and approved by the engineers at Bardot Group.

The BARDOT Group materials such as BarDeep® and DeepFloat®, produced and moulded by special machines equipped with mixing monitors at Bardot Qualified Manufacturer sites worldwide, are in strict compliance with the products in the French laboratories of BARDOT Group.

Concurrently, and in order to understand the thermal exchanges during the polymerisation of BarDeep® and DeepFloat® formulas, BARDOT Group designs and produces its own moulds within the specialized company Bischoff-Pelloux, according to the proven technology.

This set of tools is then sent directly to the industrial production sites, and their exclusive use is part of the exceptional guarantee of conformity and quality of equipment designed at the Centre of Engineering (Centre d’Ingénierie) in La Ciotat, France.

Bardot Group: SURF Expertises

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