Power & Data cables

subsea umbilicals risers & flowlines

Subsea power & data cables & fiber opticals for static and dynamic applications.
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Power and Data Cables (PWDC) deliver power, remote or transport data to fixed and floating O&G and renewable energy installations. Designed to work within harsh environment and sustain the corrosive & dynamic stresses involved for many years, PWDC are installed in shallow to deep water.

BARDOT Group has more than 10 years of Subsea SURF project experience and has achieved over 100 projects.

BARDOT Group has been delivering ancillaries from the top with bending stiffener, ballast and buoyancy modules along the PWDC.

BARDOT Group offers a complete package of PWDC inclusive of:
• Conceptual analysis
• PWDC specification based on RFQ
• On bottom Stability analysis
• Static and Dynamic Analysis
• Fatigue analysis of the PWDC
• Specification and Purchase of the equipment
• Provision of necessary ancillaries
• Full-scale and qualification testing
• On site delivery
• Installation

BARDOT Group offers full in-house engineering and testing capacities with the following software suite:
• STABLE-LINE (DNV): Stability Analysis
• DEEPLINES: (Principia-IFP) Static, Dynamic, Installation analysis
• ANSYS: Structural Analysis (ANSYS)
• AQWA: Hydrodynamic (ANSYS)

BARDOT Group has developed its own in-house qualification and testing facilities.A dedicated team will define, prepare and execute material and equipment tests to qualify selected solutions. Qualification of existing equipment for international standards can also be performed in our labs.

BARDOT Group delivers the PWDC package on site, ready for installation. We also prepare the installation analysis and procedure of your subsea solution.A custom made Installation Procedure is provided for each PWDC package project to ensure the proper assembly of your equipment including ancillaries.Our engineers are also available for training and on-site installation monitoring, with the sole purpose of providing maximum support to our client.

Custom made design:
Designed to fit your requirements of water depth, temperature, flow rate, and to accommodate the hydrodynamic stresses of your operation environment.
Materials used have been selected for their good behaviour over time. Our design conservatively considers end of life properties, and guarantee that no maintenance will be necessary
Light Structure:
The low weight design facilitates installation.
One Stop Shopping:
The modular design allows quick on-board installation and simplifies interface issues.
Modular strapping systems:
Our wide range of strapping systems provides adapted solutions to fit with your environmental loads and project life.
Compliance to standards:
Designed with respect of international offshore standards, especially API17-L1 and API17-L2.

Bardot Group: SURF Packages

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