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    In order to ensure smooth installation of equipment built by BARDOT Group, the latest equipment has all been tested upon production completion according to a procedure implemented by our engineers and validated by our clients, both contractors and oil companies. This process ensures a stringent conformity between your request and the delivered products.

    To successfully complete these operations, BARDOT Group possesses a Centre of Experimental Development (Centre de Développement Expérimental) of 1000 m² in La Ciotat (France), equipped with many testing facilities, used either for the inspection of BarDeep® and DeepFloat® materials, or for the inspection and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT). Among these:

    • A thermal extensometer, allowing the characterisation of mechanical properties of the material from which the equipment is composed, before and then after the test, and on the entire temperature range of real usage exposure.
    • A differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) permits the study of polymer thermal transitions, and in particular their vitreous transition temperature: this particular test allows us to perfectly determine the quality of the cross-linkage of the epoxy matrices made up of DeepFloat® syntactic mousse,
    • Hyperbaric chamber with 600 bar working pressure, which allows the assessment, measurement, and inspection of the resistance to hydrostatic pressure from samples taken from the buoys before their shipment,
    • And many other material testing equipment (ageing, creep, fatigue…)

    With regards to testing on assembled equipment, we have a full-scale test bench that reproduces a 3 meter section of a life-sized Stinger boat, allowing the simulation of S-Lay pipe laying in all conditions, normal as well as exceptional or accidental such as a stand-by under tension.

    This test bench, fully instrumented, is connected to a data room that is accessible to all of our clients under a confidentiality agreement, and allows the real-time viewing and recording of behaviour of the tested equipment and the evolution of all the characteristic physical and mechanical values during the test.


    Through physical exchanges and uninterrupted information technology between the Centre of Experimental Development (Centre de Développement Expérimental), the different local test sites located in Houston, Cuneo, and Kuala Lumpur, and the Centre of Engineering (Centre d’Ingénierie) in La Ciotat, the feedback on real observations, the results of numerical calculations and the resulting cybernetic process guarantee BARDOT Group of a highly sophisticated understanding of the behaviour of our systems moulded from polymers and of their performance in use and in installation.

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